On Thursday 10 November 2005 11:17, rubberduckee wrote:
> I know that this might be too general a question (or perhaps a dumb
> one) but I'm hoping that someone could help guide me in the right
> direction.

Please send those types of questions to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

> How does one go about designing an application that will 
> allow for dynamic schemas i.e. schemas built at run time?

You would need persistent schemas. Unfortunately persistent schemas are broken 
right now.

> Users would be able to 'extend' the schemas TTW.

Persistent schemas do exactely allow this. The code is in the trunk, but your 
schemas will loose changes due to a bug. The problem is known, but has not 
been tackled.

> Would using a database be a better option rather that to use ZopeDB or a 
> marriage of both?      

Depends on what you like. I would always use the ZODB for my stuff.

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