Am Samstag, 12. November 2005 20:00 schrieb Jean-Marc Orliaguet:
> Helmut Merz wrote:
> >Am Samstag, 12. November 2005 18:00 schrieb Jean-Marc 
> >>My
> >>impression is that you are thinking of a reference engine
> >>rather than a relation engine
> >
> >Maybe I just don't see the difference... (There is one, of
> >course, but I doubt it is really of relevance in a practical
> >context. )
> >
> >Helmut
> A relation contains several references:
> a relation between A, B and C involves 7 references:
> A with itself
> B with itself
> C with itself
> A with B
> B with C
> C with A
> A with B with C
> But a set of references don't make explicit relations, unless
> the application know how to interpret the references.

OK - then I'm not talking about references, though we still mean 
different things when talking about 'relation':

Mine goes like this: A relation object R providing 
ITriadicRelation and connecting A, B and C involves three 

R with A
R with B
R with C

In addition the relation object has a sort of type, the 
'relationship' (corresponding to a 'predicate') that may be 
specified by the relation's class or - a special case - a 

Maybe there is a better word for this kind of 'relation'?

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