Uwe Oestermeier wrote:

I continued the work on the wikification and the Zope2.org importer. At
least in principle we can take over most of the existing Zope3Dev wiki
automatically (without comments at the moment). But without a review of
what is outdated and still important this does not make sense. So this may
be a starting point for someone who is willing to work on the content of
the new site.
With that much interest I would hope that a steady developer group around zope3.org would form. Is that possible? IS someone willed to take the
Due to my other duties I'm only willing to continue the things we started
at the Sprint (I hope to be able to add ReST editing until the end of the
next week), and may also coordinate other technical issues but I'm
certainly not able to coordinate community and marketing issues.
Hi Stephan, Hi Uwe,

I continue to analyse of wiki.
IMHO: We can devide wiki on 4 separate (not intersection) projects (subprojects):
1) about zope3 community
2) about project management of Zope3
3) about Zope3 development problems and solutions
4) about zope3.org site

Plan of wiki sorting by projects 1,2,3 here:

Plan of structuring wiki for zope3.org here:

What you think about it?


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