Paul Volpato wrote:
>     I have a template that simply displays 'Hello World' and in the
> zcml  I have declared the page as zope.Public.  But when I go to the
> pages  address I have to authenticate.  If I authenticate the page
> displays  fine.  But I can't seem to view it as an anonymous user.
> The page is a view on a Content Object (if that helps).
> Any suggestions why this might be happening?

First, please don't ask questions that aren't related to the development
OF Zope 3 here. Questions related to the development WITH Zope 3 should
be posted to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

There are several possible sources for your problem, but the best would
be if you debug it yourself. The Debug skin will tell you which
permissions you're lacking when you get an Unauthorized error. In order
to force an Unauthorized error, I think you need to turn off the
credentials challenging.

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