We don't have the collective time right now to "market" this, but it's very cool so we thought someone might get some use out of it.

Brian Lloyd has developed zope.testrecorder, a cross-browser (IE, Firefox, Safari) JavaScript app that records browser events (clicking, entering text, etc.) and test assertions (this text box should contain this text, this checkbox should be unchecked, etc.) and renders the captured events as either an HTML Selenium test or a doctest using zope.testbrowser. It can be installed as a product into Zope 2 or as a Python package in Zope 3.

The rendering framework is pluggable and it's pretty easy to add new rendering options for other testing systems (twill, etc.).

The testrecorder is currently in "beta" form, but is very handy, so if anyone wants to use/market/improve/add tests for it, go ahead. :) Get it via Subversion at svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/zope.testrecorder/trunk
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