While I don't agree with the +1 voters, I understand and appreciate their arguments. That said...

On Nov 23, 2005, at 6:49 PM, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

People keep telling Zope2 developers that the inclusion of Zope3 doesn't mean you have to touch it, if you don't use it it is just inert code that won't cause any change in your Zope2 development style. Ok, I accept that, no problem at all. But why should this be any different for Zope3 developers, obviously including Zope2 code would mean exactly the same thing for them. Come on now.

...this is not true.

Zope 2 depends on Zope 3, via Five.  Zope 3 does not depend on Zope 2.

Therefore, making a change in Zope 2 cannot affect functionality in the slightest, let alone break a test, in Zope 3. The same cannot be said of the reverse.

Zope 2 devs don't have to touch Zope 3 unless they want to leverage some cool new feature--in which case they are Zope Five devs, probably. Zope 3 devs must touch Zope 2, in this new world order, whether they want to or not, when changes break the stuff that Zope 2 has leveraged.

To grant a point to Philipp's argument, it's possible that changes that break Zope 2 are non-backwards-compatible changes in Zope 3 that should have been caught. But consider this story: a Zope 3 dev changes something and deprecates an API. As part of the dev's responsibility, the checkin also makes all code in Zope 3 use the replacement API. Now Zope 2 works, but is generating deprecation warnings whenever the deprecated API is called. Is it the Zope 3 dev's responsibility to change Zope 2 to eliminate the deprecation warnings? What about in the following release when the old Zope 3 API is eliminated--whose responsibility is it then to fix Zope 2? If you view Zope 2 as a downstream client of Zope 3, you probably give one answer; if you view the two projects as a mingled whole, you probably give another.

The question here is effectively whether all Zope 3 developers must become Zope 'Five' developers. As you said, Zope 2 developers can choose to proceed essentially unaffected. Zope 3 devs could not.

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