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Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
> Julien Anguenot wrote:
>> Some Zope3 developers don't care about Zope2 and this is fair enough in
>> my point of view. Zope2 starts to get old and appears to be really a
>> mess compared to Zope3 in *2005*, plus it's not such an attractive
>> platform as it used to be couple of years ago. (Don't get me wrong on
>> this. Time just changed. I'm using Zope2 much more than Zope3 nowadays
>> and still I like it even if I'm *dreaming* about only using a modern
>> platform "à la" Zope3) I would fear that some new folks might find the
>> Zope3 project much more confusing and less attractive because of the
>> Zope2 mess around. (common mailing list, common repository etc...)
>> Please, let's not mess up Zope3...


> You state correctly that "some Zope 3 developers don't care about Zope2". 
> This might seem
> like a suitable point of view, but as Martijn pointed out very well, it's 
> also a foolish
> one. It limits the acceptance of Zope 3 within the Zope community.

And what about the acceptance of Zope3 *outside* the Zope community ?
Zope3 will look like more complicated and confusing doing a merge. I'm
more concerned about the acceptance of Zope3 outside the Zope community
because Zope2 developers will have to move to Zope3 at a certain time.
It's juste much more easier than for the first people.

> Zope 2 is a mess, I give you that. I'm not asking any Zope 3 developer to 
> re-embrace it,
> though. In fact, the idea of this proposal is not that Zope 2 is going to 
> stay with us
> forever. It is about speeding up the convergence process! 

I understand your motivations Philipp. I just think this is too early.
When Zope2 will look like a Zope3 'configuration' then maybe it could be
of interest.

> There are a good amount of
> people, Martijn and me included, who are working towards improving Zope 2 and 
> we simply
> want to attract more people to help us. 

I still believe Zope2 developers will come on Zope3 pretty easily. The
challenge is people outside the Zope community and I'm more worried
about them.

> Zope 2's architecture might be shitty, but its
> community is bigger, don't forget that. 

I never said shitty. Take it easy on the interpretation. I'm using Zope2
for years and it's with what I'm working daily. I said *old* and it's
different. It's not as attractive as it used to be couple of years ago.
This is a fact. This is why Zope3 exists.

I still believe your proposal would be a mistake at this point for Zope3.



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