Roger Ineichen wrote:
> Btw, do we really count developer where are voting but never
> contributed to the z3 trunk? I think normaly yes. But this is a
> proposal where I think should be up to the Zope3 developer
> to decide.

Uh, why only Zope3 developers? This affects the whole Zope community!

Really, I'm quite tired of trench wars like Zope 2 vs. Zope 3. Like Martijn 
said, we need
to come together, not apart. I'm starting to get the feeling that some Zope 3 
rather see Zope 2 die than embrace some of its experience and community. May I 
everyone again that we once said we'd do something about the transition (we 
even boldly
called it "backward compatability" back then, but even I thought that this was 
quite too
unrealistic). So far, nobody from Zope 3 has done anything in that direction, 
it's always
been left to the Zope 2 people. Don't take me wrong, I'm not accusing, it 
developed that way. But now that Zope 2 people want to join efforts, the Zope 3
developers close the gates under the excuse of saving their "early adoption" 

> Again, the base idea isn't that bad at all. But since no Zope3
> develper will support it, it will be a bad idea to force it.

I'm a Zope 3 developer. Martijn is too. Don't jump to premature conclusions :).


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