Stephan Richter wrote:
So you think it is better to loose the existing Zope 3 developers in anticipation of more community involvement? This would be Zope 3's death blow as we know it, because it would stall Zope 3 for several months. Honestly, I rather have less exposure and keep the code base clean.

I don't think that threats to leave and portrayals of utter doom are a fair way to discuss this, Stephan. I must say I find it extremely ironic to hear from you that stalling Zope 3 for several months is a death blow to Zope 3 -- where was this sentiment in the past? :)

Like it or not, merging the repository or not, you'd better get used to the fact that Zope 2 developers are here in your community and that they will speak up to let their interests be known. It's in your interest to make us happy, actually, as we're working to make Zope 3 a better community and a better system.


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