I'd like to do a few simple fixes to events in Zope 3.2 before it's too late:

- Add the source to IObjectCopiedEvent, per
I believe I received a +1 on this

- Make OrderedContainer.updateOrder send an IObjectModifiedEvent. Today when you change the order no event at all is fired, this is wrong.

- Finally I'd like to make all containers send a specific subclass instead of just an IObjectModifiedEvent (I propose naming it IContainerModifiedEvent), because it makes it possible to isolate change to an object that only affect the 'containment' aspect of it. Subscribers can then have specific optimizations, for instance a catalog would want to isolate this because it only affects containment boundaries and not the "content" of the object. (This is a concrete use case BTW, in CPS's event model we have this distinction and it's useful.)

This shouldn't affect existing subscribers at all, because they'd be subscribing to IObjectModifiedEvent and this would still match.

Please give me your opinion on this quickly, unless you're too busy flaming :)


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