On Thursday 24 November 2005 05:36, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> I don't think that threats to leave and portrayals of utter doom are a
> fair way to discuss this, Stephan. I must say I find it extremely ironic
> to hear from you that stalling Zope 3 for several months is a death blow
> to Zope 3 -- where was this sentiment in the past? :)

Note that I don't claim that my leaving would stall the development. I just 
use my case as an example. I always consider myself of someone, who accepts a 
very high bar for contributing. So, if I think the the bar is too high, my 
thinking goes, then others will also conceive it as too high and that causes 
the stalling.

Everyone is replaceable, I have learned that in the US. But a certain group 
might not as easily be.

> Like it or not, merging the repository or not, you'd better get used to
> the fact that Zope 2 developers are here in your community and that they
> will speak up to let their interests be known. It's in your interest to
> make us happy, actually, as we're working to make Zope 3 a better
> community and a better system.

I know that The Zope 2 people are around. And I try to answer Five questions 
on the lsits and on IRC as good as I can. I also have nothing against hearing 
the interest of the Zope 2 community. But I am also in a position where I 
must protect the interests of the Zope-3-only community as well. And in *my* 
opinion, in this particular case the Zope 2 community has a lot to gain at 
the expense of the Zope-3-only community. I have outlined my arguments for 
that statement in the many E-mails before.

Stephan Richter
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