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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:


People keep telling Zope2 developers that the inclusion of Zope3 doesn't mean you have to touch it, if you don't use it it is just inert code that won't cause any change in your Zope2 development style.

Hee hee.  And they believed it?  Do they wanna buy a bridge? ;)

This is an age old argument made when someone wants to add a new
feature to a development system.  It is patently false.

I recall a slightly different discussion I was involved in. I remember Zope 2 core developers worrying about the inclusion of Five in Zope 2.8; they were worried they'd need to maintain its codebase.

The arguments against this were:

* there's a lively development community around Five, don't worry

* Five has a minimal impact on Zope 2; Zope 2 sources itself weren't changing.

Both were true. I don't think it was claimed that your development style wouldn't be affected, as obviously we hope people will actually *use* Five in Zope 2 development.

With Zope 2.9, this story is starting to change, as Zope 3 technology is making it deeper into Zope 2. Then again, I think the people who worried then have been becoming more familiar with Five since then, so hopefully appreciate it more now as a feature, not just as a potential maintenance burden.


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