On Nov 24, 2005, at 6:42 AM, Stephan Richter wrote:

On Thursday 24 November 2005 01:39, Chris McDonough wrote:
- There doesn't seem to be as much of a commitment in the
  Z3 community to backwards compatibility as
  there is for Z2.  Notes like Stephan's last one where
  he says "I have made deep changes in the past that affect
  the entire architecture" as if this may happen again at
  any time are pretty scary.

Except that I have provided full backward-compatibility.

That's good! But maybe you can clarify. You said in response to Phillipp's proposal that you needed to make deep changes to Zope 3 in the past and if the Z2 repository was merged you would be unwilling to make such contributions again. The implication seems to be that being able to change the codebase without regard to its external dependents is one of your main requirements for Z3 contribution. Is that not what you meant?

- C

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