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> > And please stop telling that there will be a migration path
> > for somthing. I guess there will never be such a path. Perhaps
> > custom products can be rewriten based on Zope3 libraries, but a real
> > migration path like known from other software will never be 
> supported.
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> But in the beginning of Zope3 there were strong commitments:

Yes, and this official statement from ZC (Jim) get never updated ;-)

>  > will Plone
> > work.
> Yes.

I don't think somebody whould say that again today ;-)
I guess this was Paul.

> > 5) Will ZC participate in the ongoing development of Zope 2 and CMF,
> > keeping it "active" with (reasonably compelling) features 
> until the time
> > Zope 3 is capable of doing all that Zope 2 + CMF can do?
> Yes.

I now all this nice mails, that was the reason why I wrote about 
to stop propagate to get a migration path for Zope2 projects.

As dominik already said, we organized 9 Zope3 sprints here in switzerland 
this year and there we get asked everytime "when is this migration

Belive me, people where not involved in active development and reading
mailinglists are waiting for a Zope2 compatible Zope3 version.
Especialy customer where developed Zope2 projects two or three
years ago and don't have activ contacts to the developers.

It whould be nice to update this statement and give the people 
a new vision for their applications. And post it prominent at 
the www.zope.org site.

Roger Ineichen


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