Stephan Richter wrote:
I'll just note that I am +1 on all of Benji's comments. And I will remove the offending checkins before I cut the branch, if noone else does.

Given that there are currently more people in favour of having useful docs than a pedantic exclusion policy, please _don't_ remove these until something else is done.

Here my reasoning. I am currently writing a tool that allows you to convert testbrowser tests into tutorials. That means that I am providing an alternative implementation of the testbrowser interfaces (Benji, which are not complete, btw). Mechanize is *not* part of that API and I am not using mechanize to implement interfaces. If people would use the mechanize objects, their test code could not be converted to tutorials.

Well, then you prevent people from creating tutorials involving file uploads, or introspection of controls. Now, I don't have a problem with this, and I'm not telling you _not_ to do it, so I'd appreciate you reciprocating and not stomping over stuff which I had to fiddle round with for a couple of hours to actually discover...


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