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The modification descriptiors were introduced by Uwe Ostermeier to handle the versioning and cataloging stuff. I'm not an expert in that field, but in my understanding the modification descriptors are more general and your case is a subset that could be handled with them. As a developer, I would still prefer one concept, because it's easier to adapt. Sufficiently fundamental cases are always a shaky discrimination to differ two concepts for future implementation decisions.

If you don't feel that containment boundaries are a sufficiently fundamental concept, then we have a strong disagreement.

An object modified event consumer such as a versioning or cataloging tool should handle modifications. In that respect the handling of ordered contaiment isn't more fundamental than handling of other ordered sequences and all use cases covered by modification descriptors today.

I stand by what I checked in.

IMO such a design decision would require a proposal :)

And BTW with "modification descriptions" I couldn't write a simple adapter for this. I'd have to have a generic adapter for IObjectModifiedEvent, then iterate over all the descriptions and filter by hand. Yuck.

OTOH, it is pretty hard for versioning or cataloging tools to guess derived subtypes of IObjectModifiedEvent and handle them generically. So, we still have to introduce kind of a mechanism similar to the modification descriptors to decouple our components.

Perhaps the solution might be at least a mixture of both concepts. So we can derive subtypes *and* provide additionally modification descriptiors too. But then we would need - like Jim mentioned - a general strategy for modification descriptions..

1. Sequence modification description:
  a. Sequence(IOrderedContainer) without any keys.

2. Dedicated modification descripton for the container framework

3. Attributes modification description:
  a. Attributes(IOrderedContainer, 'updateOrder')
  b. Attributes(IEnumerableMapping, 'keys')

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