I believe this is now fixed:



Stephan Richter wrote:
Hi Jim,

I have found an adapter lookup failure. While I can reproduce it reliably, I cannot recreate it in a controlled environment. All unit and functional tests pass, even though they ask for exactly the same URL! :-(

I have also tried to revert the last two commits to zope.interface, which fixed bugs 396 (you) and 470 (me), without success.
Here are the tests to provoke the failure:

1. Checkout SchoolTool:

svn co http://source.schooltool.org/svn/trunk/schooltool st-failure

2. Build SchoolTool:

cd st-failure

3. Run SchoolTool:

make run

4. Provoke the problem:

http://localhost:7080/ (fails)
http://localhost:7080/@@index.html (works)
http://localhost:7080/index.html (works)

http://localhost:7080/@@login.html [manager, schooltool] (works)
http://localhost:7080/@@logout.html (fails)


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