Also as a complete outsider, and actually as a nobody-yet:

Just to add to this, I didn't see anybody mention
Goldegg Stack, although it's not spelled out explicitly, is a kind of
"follow me or don't" initiative, a friendly compromise between forking
and working within the central process. So it has the potential to
change the Z2-CMF-Plone community by not just altering the technology
but by requesting that the projects communicate better. Reading over
this thread, I thought perhaps this was the kind of consideration
Jean-Marc Orliaguet tried to insert into the discussion when he said:

"I think the question about the technology should be treated as such on a
technical level, by bridging the technical gap (Five, common
repositories, writing tutorials for zope2 developers, collaborating on
common modules, adapting zope2 concepts like TTW editing to Zope3 but
without reproducing the zope2 skin and templates mess, etc)."

and with his references to a "community of interest". It seems like
the best analogy for this would be Turbogears. The thing is, a project
like Turbogears has the effect of driving interest and support to all
the subordinate projects, but it also redefines the importance of each
project as being in reference to the larger project.

It should be pointed out that, with Goldegg, the stack is in effect
Z3-Z2-CMF-Plone[-Azax-Javascript...] . Also, I don't mean to step on
any toes, but isn't it basically the case that Zope2 is basically the
CMF projects? Doesn't that mean that if either Plone or CPS completed
a migration to Z3, that that would be the end of the argument?
Wouldn't it then be a question of what compromises Z3 is willing to
make (technically, spiritually, etc.) to expedite that process?

On 11/28/05, Rocky Burt <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >> Yes, I know that this is possible. But are you really proposing
> >> to start a project like this? Or do you mean Five is going or should
> >> go in this direction?
> >
> >
> > It (or Zope 2 development in general, which is becoming indistinguishable
> > from Five) is going in this direction.
> Just an outsider's naive comment on this:
> These days all of my plone-based z2 products use z3 interfaces, adapters
> and views (via Five).  I look forward to using more five/z3
> functionality everyday (such as events, etc).
> I'm sure this is still a long way from using pure z3, but with every new
> version of z2/z3/Five I hope to get closer and closer.
> - Rocky
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