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Florent Guillaume wrote:
On 30 Nov 2005, at 17:04, Jim Fulton wrote:

Florent Guillaume wrote:

On 30 Nov 2005, at 13:17, Jim Fulton wrote:

(Is there some reason for the urls you give to have spaces in them? It makes them harder to follow. It appears that this is a mac thing.
It's rather annoying.)

This is the delsp parameter of rfc3676, which apparently only Apple
Mail implements, I've no idea why the other mailers haven't
followed  suit.

Perhaps because it is really annoying?

Only because Mozilla doesn't implement that RFC :-). Otherwise you'd be
able to see perfectly wrapped messages and non-broken URLs.

I don't think RFC 3676 intends to wrap URLs;  it is about signalling
"soft line breaks", which aren't normally found within tokens:

- From http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc3676.html, section 4.2

Regardless of which technique is used, a generating agent SHOULD NOT
   insert a space in an unnatural location, such as into a word (a
   sequence of printable characters, not containing spaces, in a
language/coded character set in which spaces are common). If faced
   with such a word which exceeds 78 characters (but less than 998
characters, the [SMTP] limit on line length), the agent SHOULD send
   the word as is and exceed the 78-character limit on line length.

Well I don't want to appear to defend Apple Mail too much here, but splitting a URL after a / can be seen as a natural location.

And in any case this wouldn't be a problem if Mozilla coders weren't lazy :-) (decoding rfc3676 (which is nearly 2 years old now) is trivial when you already do rfc2646 (format=flowed))

Or just buy a Mac ;)


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