Martin Aspeli wrote:
... and I'm one of those developers. I care, for the moment, about one thing: Plone. I want Plone to move to use more Zope 3 technology, sure, because it's clearly superior. But we're not going to re-write it from scratch, and neither, I suspect, will most large Z2 applications.

That I don't know about. Plone probably should, for a number of reasons, but I guess it's quite a hard problem to tackle...

So my path to Z3 is through Z2, by way of Five. Frankly, without that migration path, Z3 is nice and pretty and architecturally very cool and totally irrelevant to me.

Indeed, but why does that mean people in Z3-land who feel the same way as you about Z2 and Plone should have to put up with looking after all of Z2? ;)



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