Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 24 November 2005 09:17, Jim Fulton wrote:

Now (well, after the December release :), I think it's time to revisit
what the core of Zope 3 is and how we manage the repository.  There has
been a trend to manage important components separately and link them in.  I
see this trend continuing.  The advent of eggs and continuing maturation of
zpkg and testing technology will accelerate this trend, IMO.

I think that in the future, there may be a much smaller core Zope 3 project
that represents the "object filing system" (zope.ofs? :). This core project
may be a client of a collection of much smaller projects, such as
zope.interface, zope.component. etc..  If that vision comes to pass, Zope 2
will no longer contain the Zope 3 core, but they will both share a large
number of components which neither of them "contain". Obviously,  this
would radically change the nature of this debate.

I was counting on you making exactly this suggestion. :-) I agree with all of that.

+lots ;-)


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