Florent Guillaume wrote:
Today it's very hard to debug ImportErrors raise inside modules referenced through a zcml directive, because the ImportError is swallowed an no traceback comes back to the user. Just a ConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'class', "Couldn't import some.class, cannot import name somename")
which doesn't point anywhere useful.

I'd like to modify zope.configuration.config to something like:

            mod = __import__(mname, *_import_chickens)
        except ImportError, v:
+            if sys.exc_info()[2].tb_next is not None:
+                # ImportError was caused deeper
+                raise
            raise ConfigurationError, (
                "Couldn't import %s, %s" % (mname, v)
                ), sys.exc_info()[2]

Instead of the simpler code that was there (this nice trick is by PJE, and is used ).

Done: http://svn.zope.org/?rev=40527&view=rev


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