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* if a i18n:translate has to be explictily added, extraction tools will find the i18n:translate="" in the ZPT and think there's a message in the ZPT to translate. But there's not, it's coming from Python code. This might result in the extraction tool mistakenly extracting dummy text:

<p tal:content="context/something" i18n:translate="">This dummy text is replaced</p>

Unless the tool is so smart it notices this case. Anyway, the tools already extracted the *real* message anyway.

Currently i18nextract just extracts '${DYNAMIC_CONTENT}' marker for all dynamic content.


+1 for translate message ids without explicit 'i18n:translate' attribute but some open questions still remain:

* currently you can translate any string (not only a message id) like this:

<p tal:content="string: STRING TO TRANSLATE" i18n:translate=""></p>

In this case the string will be automatically converted to message id and then translated. I think we definitely shouldn't translate any string, only message ids.

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