I still don't like the implicit translation of message ids, but I'll bow
to the majority opinion.  This really needs to be run by the ZPT and Zope
lists as well.

If we do this, then it would be tempting to deprecate allowing i18n:translate
to be used in combination with tal:content or tal:replace, however, it is still
appropriate to use i18n:translate in combination with tal:content if there is
a chance that the default would be used.

Certainly a big advantage of this for me is that it makes clear that i18n:
tags in the ZPT *only* affect the zpt source, which is a significant conceptual
simplification IMO.  For example, it makes it clear that the i18n:domain only
applies to template text, not to dynamically inserted text.

We need to stop thinking about Zope 3 ZPT vs Zope 2 ZPT and switch to having
one ZPT used by both.  This should be a goal for the June release.  I hope
someone has time to work on this.


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