Interesting.  I wasn't aware of this in Z2.  Zope 3 definately
doesn't have this.  Sindnei, have you verified that this actially
works in Z2?  I didn't think the Zope 2 publisher actually started
propducing output until the request was finished.


Paul Winkler wrote:
On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 04:31:03PM -0200, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

There are a couple conditions that must be met for 'chunked' to work
with Zope 2.

Cool. Does Z3 behave the same way?
1. A Content-Length header must not be set.
2. The request must be HTTP 1.1
3. You must be streaming
4. No 'Connection: close' header has been set during the request

Does "be streaming" mean something that isn't covered by the
other requirements?
... hmmm, (reading more code), do you mean that RESPONSE._streaming must
be true?  Aha, I see that RESPONSE.write() implicitly sets that flag.

If all of that is met, then it works just fine. The signal for 'end of
data' in chunked mode is '0\r\n\r\n', which Zope properly inserts when

OK. Aha, I'm now looking at medusa/ and I see that happens in
Thanks for the info.

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