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Am Montag, den 05.12.2005, 11:13 -0500 schrieb Jim Fulton:

For A, you want to compute that data and then leave
application code.  You don't want to stay in the
application, holding application resources, like database
connections, while the data is being consumed.  In this case,
you generally want to create a temporary file and return that
as the IResult body.  This means that implementations like
the one you give:

So in any case, to get bug 480 tackled, which is my intention here,

No, your intention is to handle a large body efficiently.

> I'd
be good to do it via a temporary file and pass that back either via
adaption or wrapping it into an IResult-thingy.


Now I wonder whether I _do_ have to provide the headers which are set
automatically right now ...

I don't know what you mean by "set automatically now". My guess is that
zsync is setting the headers explicitly.


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