The Zope 3 development team is proud to announce Zope 3.2.0 beta 1.

Zope 3 is the next major Zope release and has been written from scratch based
on the latest software design patterns and the experiences of Zope 2.

It is our opinion that Zope 3 is more than ready for production use,
which is why we decided to drop the 'X' for experimental from the name. We
will also continue to work on making the transition between Zope 2 and Zope 3
as smooth as possible. As a first step, Zope 2.8 includes Zope 3 features in
the form of Five.  This is a long term effort. We're not there yet.
**You can't run Zope 2 applications in Zope 3.**


  Installation instructions for both Windows and Un*x/Linux are now available
  in the top level 'README.txt' file of the distribution (or at
  ). The binary installer is recommended for Windows.

  Zope 3.2 requires Python 2.4.2 to run. You must also have zlib
  installed on your system.

We need people to try this out!

  If no problems are found in the release, I'll be inclined to treat it as
  a release candidate. :)  We want very much to make the final release by
  the end of the month.  Don't wait until the end of the month to report 

  If you find problems, report them in the issue collector at:

Most Important Changes Since 3.1

      - The ZServer has been replaced with the Twisted server. The Twisted
        server supports all that the ZServer supporting has well has HTTP over
        SSL natively and SFTP (disabled for now because of error handling
        problems).  Also in the future it brings a better chance of other
        non-HTTP related protocols from being implemented for Zope3, like
        SMTP-in and IMAP.

      - Added a test browser. The test browser simulates a real Web browser as
        much as possible as a Python object. This allows us to write
        functional tests the same way the site would be experienced by the
        user. This greatly simplifies functional tests, makes documentation
        better and even helps analyzing usability. And of course, it can be
        used in functional doctests.

      - Implemented the password managers proposal. Main idea beside the
        proposal is a standard way to implement password encoders/checkers, see for details.

        + Added basic password managers: Plain Text, MD5, SHA1.

        + Support for password managers added for ZCML principals and
          principals saved in local PrincipalFolers.

        + Added bin/zpasswd command line script which helps to create ZCML

        + Password managers support integrated into bin/mkzopeinstance.

        + New database generation created for convert local principals to new

      - Implemented the language namespace proposal. Now you can override
        the browser preferred language through the URL, like this:

        Note: If you want to use a custom IUserPreferredLanguages adapter and
        the '++lang++' feature together you should use adapter as a base
        class or at least as example.

      - Implemented a new object introspector. Instead of just providing
        information of the object's class, the new introspector focuses on
        providing information that is specific to the instance, such as
        directly provided interfaces and data, for example attribute values
        and annotation values.

      - Implemented the `devmode` switch for `zope.conf`. When turned on a
        ZCML feature called `devmode` is provided. Packages can then register
        functionality based on this feature. In Zope 3 itself, the devmode is
        used to only load the API doc is devmode; turning off the devmode thus
        closes a potential security hole and increases the start time by more
        than a second.

      - addMenuItem directive supports a `layer` attribute.

      - Added a re-implementation of i18n message IDs (now simply
        called ``Message``) that is immutable and thus can be treated
        like unicode strings with respect to security proxying.  This
        implementation will replace the old one in upcoming versions.

      - Added "test" message catalog for testing i18n.  If you specify
        ++lang++test in a URL, then all translated strings will be
        translated to [[domain][message_id], as in "[[zope][Preview]]".
        Text without the domain marker isn't translated.

  For a complete list of changes see the 'CHANGES.txt' file.


  - "Zope 3 Development Web Site":

  - "Zope 3 Dev Mailing List":

  - "Zope 3 Users Mailing 

  - IRC Channel: #zope3-dev at


  Thanks goes to everyone that contributed.


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