Bottlerocket has also chosen MochiKit. It's not full of flashy
effects, but its Ajax support is nice, it's well tested, and it brings
a lot of Python style functionality to JavaScript which makes
JavaScript suck a whole lot less (for real - the DOM and Iterator
libraries are absolutely great).

In the Bottlerocket CMS, Mochikit has been used to give us sortable
tables (used in contents view - click a column header to sort by name,
order, title, and so on), Ajax based inline renaming and title editing
in the contents view, a 'dynamic table' widget which allows adding and
removing rows from tabular data for web pages, and more. I generally
loathe JavaScript, but working with MochiKit has actually made it a
lot of fun.

> FWIW, as far as Ajax libraries, ZC has chosen mochikit so far.  It
> has a lot going for it.
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