Martijn Faassen wrote:
Zope 2.8 *is* actually interpolating and translating message ids correctly *without* i18n:translate already. I think that this is the same as Zope 3's (deprecated) behavior.

The problem is when 'structure' is used in TALES. If this isn't used, translations happen normally. If it is used, translations suddenly break, as do_insertStructure_tal is used instead of do_insertText_tal.

I can see that this makes sense if you "structure in" large pieces of HTML -- they won't have translations. It does however break a usecase where your message ids contain HTML. This isn't really clean, but very handy for translators sometimes, especially if they want to use HTML entities and the like. You can then use i18n:translate="" explicitly on the structure, which will cause the *string* to be translated, without interpolation happening. This put me on the wrong track initially, not realizing the impact of 'structure' on the functioning of the TAL interpreter.

I agree that the use case of having translations containing HTML is important, and thus that we'll have to make sure do_insertStructure_tal also does correct interpolation when faced with a MessageID.


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