Uwe Oestermeier wrote:
>a toolkit that is shared by the whole  Zope community would be great,
>independent of the question whether it should be part of Z3 core or not.
>As an alternative http://svn.zope.org/zope3org could also be a place where
>all contributors could access and maintain such a library.
>+1 on a proposal. I would like to contribute to such a package too.

Benji York wrote:
> I think that instead of settling one a single toolkit we should come up with 
> some simple ideas for offering up server-side components for the client to 
> use.  That way we can easier to use (almost) any client-side toolkit with 
> Zope 3.  
> I'm very interested in coming up with a one or more relatively simple 
> server-side proposals to make Ajax stuff easier, but I think the Ajax stuff 
> (and even the whole JavaScript world) is too immature to settle on one 
> client-side implementation.  Therefore we should concentrate on doing things 
> that help most or all of the JS toolkits be more usable with Z3.

Gary Poster wrote:

> Agree 100% with Benji.
>I have two basic bits on the server side that I want to see--and that  I want 
>to see usable by widget code,
> portlet code, etc.
>- I want a standard server side traversal story to address nested  page 
>components, so that, for instance, >client-side code for a widget  in a 
>portlet can have a reliable way of addressing itself on the server.
>- I want this approach to be part of--or at least not get in the way  of--a 
>standard pattern for persisting the >state of nested page  components.
>I have old proposals for this, and some revisions of them on the  basis of 
>conversations with Jim, Fred, Stephan, and Benji.  I'll try  to get some 
>bandwidth to update the proposals at least.  I really  wanted to have time to 
>test how the proposal would work within the  new widget implementation I have, 
>but I have other priorities on my  time.
> FWIW, as far as Ajax libraries, ZC has chosen mochikit so far.  It  has a lot 
> going for it.

I don't know if Javascript is mature but I do know we all do javascript/ajax in 
our customer apps
today because it is already enhancing user experience, and we are able at this 
time to come up with common
needs and ways.

I was talking about a toolkit because it seems that most of the time there's a 
cohesion between a
web framework, its community, and a js toolkit:
even though they are independant, they kinda grow together because the web 
feeds the toolkit with use cases, the community share knowledge and experience 
on both,
and the toolkit kinda give the manners to do things in the web app UIs

But anyway, it seems wise to start up with server side ajax views and other 

I am looking forward for the proposal revision :)


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