Chris Withers wrote:
Jim Fulton wrote:

The most important project here, IMO, is to rewire Zope 2
to use the Zope 3 publisher.  And, of course, to update the
Zope 3 publisher with features from the Zope 2 publisher that
are missing from the Zope 3 publisher (e.g. streaming).


Please don't anyone write a "new zope 2" publisher, lets just get the Zope 3 one to replace the Zope 2 one and keep bringing the two branches closer and closer together :-)

I support any scenario where we can replace bits of Zope 2 with Zope 3. :)

I think we'll see a scenario where old new will coexist for a while. The Zope 2 publisher has all kinds of wonderful cruft in it, and each bit of cruft is likely to be doing something useful for someone somewhere. For backwards compatibility reasons, we'll need to continue to support it for some time.

That's a problem for WSGI, I guess, though, if the Zope 3 publisher is needed for WSGI support... Perhaps we can do something like "from this point in my publication process, dive into the Zope 2 publisher, and forget about Zope 3 for now". Applications that rely on Zope 2 publisher features can have this toggled on.

Then again, my understanding of the publisher model in both Zopes is definitely incomplete. What's your thinking concerning backward compatibility, Jim?


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