Tarek Ziadé wrote:
Myself I absolutely love the approach taken by CrackAjax

I'm sure lots could be improved like improving python->javascript
translation, allowing for explicit javascript when really needed,
improving the testability, etc.

Yes it needs inprovment indeed: the problem I had with this approach at
this time is that the python written that is meant to be translated in
js via an ast engine. it makes the Python code looks like pseudo-javascript.

see in this example:

the update_list() is using things like "document.getElementById()" and
the 'document' variable is not existing at all in python side, if i get
it right.

Well of course, it's part of the client-side namespace. Testing would have to take that into account.

I was wondering in fact what was the benefit of doing it, beside having
a strong aversion of doing js coding (and that aversion can be
really improved by using toolkits like mochikit)

The point for me is to code everything in one language, and have all the view code in one place. We could even detect the Firefox versions that have python scripting and send them python :)


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