On Wednesday 07 December 2005 09:15, Martijn Faassen wrote:
> In various use cases, for instance Silva, there's a class of users that
> just wants to select from a list of skins installed for their site, and
> has no knowledge of how they're implemented. You don't want to show all
> layers to them.

Why not? Currently there is only one layer more than there are skins, namely 
the IDefaultLayer. Whenever I write a layer I also write a skin, and this has 
been really annoying.

> It would therefore be nice to have a way to mark particular skin layers
> as actual skins you want to expose to end-users, not just as things
> useful as a building block. This is something we use the skin mechanism
> for now, and that facility would, if I understand it correctly, go away
> in this proposal.

Right, if this deems necessary, it would be very easy to tag on another type 
interface specifying a skin in comparison to a regular layer.

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