Stephan Richter wrote:
On Wednesday 07 December 2005 09:15, Martijn Faassen wrote:

In various use cases, for instance Silva, there's a class of users that
just wants to select from a list of skins installed for their site, and
has no knowledge of how they're implemented. You don't want to show all
layers to them.

Why not? Currently there is only one layer more than there are skins, namely the IDefaultLayer. Whenever I write a layer I also write a skin, and this has been really annoying.

Please remember, Zope 3 core is not all the applications that use Zope 3. In Zope 3 core, currently there's only one more layer than there are skins. This is not necessarily true for all applications that use Zope 3.

It would therefore be nice to have a way to mark particular skin layers
as actual skins you want to expose to end-users, not just as things
useful as a building block. This is something we use the skin mechanism
for now, and that facility would, if I understand it correctly, go away
in this proposal.
Right, if this deems necessary, it would be very easy to tag on another type interface specifying a skin in comparison to a regular layer.

My point is to make people aware of this use case. It may be something we have to solve on the application side with tagging, etc, but it would also mean the framework is doing less for us than it is doing now, where we can just ask for a list of skins.


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