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Looking for your comments at
This is a follow-up proposal from

I rather like having the *concept* skin to talk about. While implementation-wise things may become cleaner, being able to talk about a skin is I think a bit more clear than if you talk about skin layers.

Similarly, I think it's a useful concept to talk to a layout developer about 'layers' as a separate concept, to indicate to them that a layer is not something necessarily directly exposed to an end user. I think that this use case is less strong than the one for maintaining the word 'skin', though.

In various use cases, for instance Silva, there's a class of users that just wants to select from a list of skins installed for their site, and has no knowledge of how they're implemented. You don't want to show all layers to them.

It would therefore be nice to have a way to mark particular skin layers as actual skins you want to expose to end-users, not just as things useful as a building block. This is something we use the skin mechanism for now, and that facility would, if I understand it correctly, go away in this proposal.

+1 to all those


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