I don't have much constructive to add to this, but the discussion
itself has really given me a much better understanding of the reasons
for the complexity of the current skinning system. I would still like
to see it simplified, but I feel far more empowered to properly use it
after reading the proposal and this discussion.

Thanks everyone!

Alec Munro
On 12/7/05, Stephan Richter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 December 2005 16:33, Dominik Huber wrote:
> > Phillip's Proposal:
> > Furthermore, I propose to remove the |IDefaultLayer| interface. We've
> > been using the |default| layer as a connotation of "always being
> > available unless overridden by a more specific layer." However, this
> > does not apply all the time: When the |default| layer is not included in
> > a specific skin, nothing from the |default| layer will be found even
> > though the ZCML statements suggest that it would always be available. I
> > therefore propose to make the |default| skin layer an alias for
> > |IBrowserRequest|. Anything registered for |default| will obviously
> > always be available then, no matter what your skin layer looks like.
> Oops, I missed that part. -1 on it, like Dominik. I originally did not have an
> IDefaultLayer when I converted views to adapters and it caused a lot of
> headaches for people. It was thus added and we all agreed it was needed.
> Your connotation assertion here is incorrect. The default layer stands for:
> "If the browser directive did not specify a layer, use the default layer." By
> default, the Basic and thus Rotterdam skin incorporate that layer, but others
> like Dominik and Garrett do not want to include that layer.
> Regards,
> Stephan
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