There are a surprising number of components in designed to help with logging out. They are all trying to solve the problem that some authentication can't log out, so you shouldn't show logout links then.

I only care about the pluggable auth in Therefore what I want is a way to determine whether the credentials plugin used supports logout. I want this to be dynamic, responding to TTW configuration of the pluggable auth, which the current solutions are not.

Jim suggested that a subscriber to principal creation event might scribble an attribute on the (transient) principal object that indicated that the credentials plugin used to create the principal supported logout. This would be easy to do, light-weight, robust (i.e., even in the face of multiple active credentials plugins), something that I could do without committing the zope project to the solution, and easy to use (my tal could do something like """tal:condition="request/principal/canLogout|nothing""").

The problem is that the principal creation event does not include the credentials plugin used by the authentication.

The easiest way to approach this, given the current pluggable auth design, is to add a 'credentialsPlugin' attribute on the info object passed to the principal creation factory. The 'credentialsPlugin' attribute would have a reference to the credentialsPlugin used, and would be assigned by the authentication utility. This is a solution because the event fired already includes the info object.

- It enables a more dynamic and much simpler story for determining whether an app can support logging out than the current pertinent code (as long as you only use pluggable auth). - It's a one-line change to the code itself (not including interface and test changes). No grand architecture changes. - the 'info' object seems to be a reasonable place to add information about the process used to create the principal.
- It's ignorable, for those that wish to ignore it.

- This is the only use case I know of for the behavior, so it has a small feel of 'scratch an itch'. Maybe that's not too bad here.


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