Benji York wrote:
Florent Guillaume wrote:

Myself I absolutely love the approach taken by CrackAjax

It's funny you mention that. I was intrigued by that too, but I can only characterize his implementation as a toy. :(

I've been working on something similar but have tried to be a bit more "professional" about it (unit tests, trying to be a good designer, etc.).


I consider this a mad scientist experiment, so I don't expect it to be officially included anywhere or even get any work from me once the novelty wears off. You are warned; I don't want angry villagers with pitchforks and torches coming to my castle. :)

Another attempt to do something like this is the RPython->Javascript translator part of the PyPy project. RPython is the subset of Python that PyPy is developed in, and there's work on a translator being done by Eric van Riet Paap.

The strength of the PyPy approach would be the strong foundation PyPy brings concerning language implementation and testing of such. The weakness, at least currently, I believe, is that it doesn't have a story yet for how to interface with the client-side APIs such as DOM. Definitely one to watch too.


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