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I wonder whether a similar approach as the one taken for the Twisted server migration is possible. There, if you have an instance running on ZServer an upgrade will not cause the switch to Twisted, since your startup script still refers to the old server code. You explicitely have to change your startup script to start using Twisted.

I think this is the way to go and a zope.conf option would be an ideal way of making the choice...

I'm not sure whether we're talking about the server or the publisher,

True, I realized after posting this and thinking a bit that things got a bit muddled in this thread. I'm mostly concerned about the publisher. The server part I guess is easier to port, though I also suspect less of a gain on the short term.

Hm, maybe you are talking about the publisher. :)

Yes, I was. Sorry for the confusion.

In which case, I expect this all to be controlled via adapters, so
what you suggest should be possible.  In any case, existing Zope 2
code should function as it does now without change.

That would be good. I wonder how this interacts with things like error handling, though.


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