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Stephan Richter wrote:

On Thursday 08 December 2005 08:29, Sidnei da Silva wrote:

On Thu, Dec 08, 2005 at 08:18:49AM -0500, Stephan Richter wrote:
| On Thursday 08 December 2005 07:06, Sidnei da Silva wrote:
| > Just one thing that struck me right now. ZServer uses medusa/asyncore
| > and twisted has it's own 'main loop'. How do they play together in
| > Zope 3? Or they dont?
| They don't. Either you use ZServer or you use Twisted, but not both. So
| if you want to use Twisted-specific packages, like the scheduler, you
| have to use twisted, otherwise you are out of luck. I think this is
| totally fine.

What's the situation with ZEO then? The ZEO 'zrpc.client' uses
ThreadedAsync.register_loop_callback(), which is a evil monkeypatch to
asyncore. I haven't seen that change recently, so I assume this has
been ignored?

Yep. Nobody has complained to us about this yet. I personally do not use ZEO,

so I could not fix the issue anyways.

If twisted and ZEO are incompatible, then twisted needs *never* to be
the default;  ZEO is an essential part of Zope's "real world" story.  I
can't imagine even  *developing* without ZEO, much less deploying
applications in production.

I'm also rather surprise about those MANY incompatibilities that haven't
been discussed and shall silently be accepted.

Oh come on.  Nobody is silently accepting anything.

> Right now I am aware of
three problems:

- WSGI disallows response streams
> - Twisted handles chunked requests differently (zsync checkin breaks)

Are you refering to the lack of response.write?  It wasn't clear to us that
anyone was using this. Do you think that there is application code that's
using this?  We didn't catch zsync because it didn't have adequate tests.

- ZEO is broken or at least suboptimal

This is news.  We are responding.  If you think something is a problem
then file a collector entry and we'll deal with it.

This makes me pretty nervous about our development process / decision

How would you improve it?

What would you di differently?


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