On Thursday 08 December 2005 13:57, Jim Fulton wrote:
> It has to be pretty discouraging to Stephan to get these sort of
> complaints. That's just not fair.

I'll note that it is even more discouraging to Michael Kerrin, who put in a 
hell of a lot of time to get this working, specifically the FTP code.

Overall I agree with Jim on his comments. We have been extremely careful not 
to step on anyones toes and provide as smooth of a transition as possible. We 
asked repeatedly for feedback/testing and all the tests are passing 
(including ZEO). Alone the thought that ZEO depends on the server Zope is 
using, makes me worried about ZEO; but then Jim just figured out that there 
is no problem. ;-)

Stephan Richter
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