Stephan Richter wrote:
On Thursday 08 December 2005 13:57, Jim Fulton wrote:

It has to be pretty discouraging to Stephan to get these sort of
complaints. That's just not fair.

I'll note that it is even more discouraging to Michael Kerrin, who put in a hell of a lot of time to get this working, specifically the FTP code.

Overall I agree with Jim on his comments. We have been extremely careful not to step on anyones toes and provide as smooth of a transition as possible. We asked repeatedly for feedback/testing and all the tests are passing (including ZEO). Alone the thought that ZEO depends on the server Zope is using, makes me worried about ZEO;

Yup, this needs to change.

> but then Jim just figured out that there
is no problem. ;-)

Oh, there is a problem.  It's not readily apparent though.  But, don't
worry, I'll figure out why I can't see a problem that I know is there. :)


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