Am Donnerstag, den 08.12.2005, 13:51 -0500 schrieb Jim Fulton:
> > I'm also rather surprise about those MANY incompatibilities that haven't
> > been discussed and shall silently be accepted.
> Oh come on.  Nobody is silently accepting anything.

You're right. I over-reacted here.

>  > Right now I am aware of
> > three problems:
> > 
> > - WSGI disallows response streams
>  > - Twisted handles chunked requests differently (zsync checkin breaks)
> Are you refering to the lack of response.write?  It wasn't clear to us that
> anyone was using this. Do you think that there is application code that's
> using this?  We didn't catch zsync because it didn't have adequate tests.

Right. I'm used to using response.write to write long-running code that
informs the user what is happening. This is a low-tech approach that
does not use javascript or something but is easy to handle. I find that
very valuable.

> > This makes me pretty nervous about our development process / decision
> > making.
> How would you improve it?
> What would you di differently?

I think this is two things: visibility and having more people look at
large projects like the twisted integration. I think Stephan did a great
Job (at least AFAIK he was the one doing the twisted integration,
right?) but I haven't found a single proposal about doing that
integration and I haven't found any documentation how the integration
works either.

I do have a good feeling that the structures that will be provided by
the Zope Foundation will help us (not solve the problem on their own,
but be supportive).

Additionally I think we should clean up the Zope 3 project area a bit
and try harder to keep it up to date and manageable. This might include
reducing the amount of information to be able to keep it up to date. I'm
willing to put work in there.

At last I think we should try to continue having good documentation in
the code that documents what is happening. This doesn't necessarily have
to be doctests (good if it is) but provide some information for people
who visit the code. I think this would be a good place to move
information/documentation to that gets removed from the project area.


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