Christian Theune wrote:
> I think this is two things: visibility and having more people look at
> large projects like the twisted integration. I think Stephan did a great
> Job (at least AFAIK he was the one doing the twisted integration,
> right?) but I haven't found a single proposal about doing that
> integration and I haven't found any documentation how the integration
> works either.

Christian has an important point here: There was neither a proposal for
the introduction of WSGI features, nor the zope.publisher refactoring
nor the Twisted integration.

The latter could have been that documentation Christian is missing (and
so am I). I remember asking Stephan about such docs when the integration
was being done (because I sometimes I just can't read the code) and I
remember that writing docs was deferred out of the lack of time. The
suggestion was that if I wanted docs, I should write them myself. This
is not to discredit Stephan and Michael's great achievement in any way,
just a reminder that we have certain standards when it comes to code.
Those include the existence of tests, for example. I think they should
also include the existence of docs, a proposal being a minimum for
changes like these.

> I do have a good feeling that the structures that will be provided by
> the Zope Foundation will help us (not solve the problem on their own,
> but be supportive).

I don't think we neither need the ZF for this nor should we need it. I
think it has been understood by everyone that the ZF shouldn't dictate
development issues. We have technical popes for that :).

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