Chris Withers wrote:
Stephan Richter wrote:

I hope it would have sometimes a "?" in them, since this is a
totally valid character. also ":" will be in 90% of the URLs.


The idea here is that we want to support those silly apple URLs.

Not really sure what that's about.  Joke?

OK, I guess my point was that there's a perfectly good library
function that does this, and supports marking certain characters
(suchs as ':') as "safe" if you want them to be, so I'm curious as to
why we're growing our own warts?

In this case we'd have to mark all characters but the space as "safe". This isn't the "normal" type of URI quoting issue, this problem arises because nothing else in the call chain quotes the spaces (Mechanize or urllib) because they don't need to, but HTTPCaller does a .split() on the first line of the request so there can be no unexpected spaces. Any other character is acceptable.
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