On Friday 09 December 2005 04:47, Christian Theune wrote:
> I think this is two things: visibility and having more people look at
> large projects like the twisted integration. I think Stephan did a great
> Job (at least AFAIK he was the one doing the twisted integration,
> right?) but I haven't found a single proposal about doing that
> integration and I haven't found any documentation how the integration
> works either.

First, Michael Kerrin put in far more time than me, maybe about 10 times more.

Next, the twisted integration, from an HTTP point of view, was actually zero 
intrusive to Zope itself. We had switched to WSGI before, so twisted is just 
another server. WSGI, though not perfect, is a wonderful interface that 
cleanly separates server from application. I think the Zope 2 world regularly 
blurs this boundary and we need to make sure we are making the boundary crisp 

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