I am currently working on the integration of Zope 3 ZPTs into Zope 2. This works so far expect that I get an error "Macro expansion failed" when creating a new ZPT.

in pagetemplate/pagetemplate.py there is the following code:

   self.pt_render(self.pt_getContext(self, None), source=1)

That does not match with the interface definition:

  def pt_getContext(**kw)

and that does match with the implementation of pt_getContext() in pagetemplate.py:

 def pt_getContext(self, args=(), options=_default_options, **ignored)

And the original ZPT implementation of Zope 2 defines:

 def pt_getContext(self):

So my theory is that the pt_getContext() call above is wrong?!
Why passing 'self' and why 'None' as non-kw-argument? This makes no sense to me. What is the intention in this case?


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