ZRS Version 2: Cluster servers
ZRS Version 2 will provide higher performance by allowing multiple ZRS
primary servers for to committing client transactions. This It eliminates
the primary server as the single bottleneck for large clusters and highly
dynamic sites. Cluster servers will also increase availability. If a server
fails, clients automatically failover to another server. Since clients will
be distributed across all servers, few clients will experience any
disruption if a server fails. This architecture reduces the disruption
caused by failover to a standby server in ZRS 1.
as a passive secondary storage that only stores data.

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Fabrice Monaco wrote:
> yes, but is necassary for clustering

No it isn't.

A cluster of ZEO clients can run quite happilly of a storage server, and
you can keep a 1hr-hot backup of the storage server with no need for ZRS.

There's also DirectoryStorage and rsync.

Or you could even have two totally seperate setups where content is
replicated at the application level.


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