Good news,

today I'm starting my funded work on the common criteria certification
for Zope 3. I'm targeting to get Zope 3.3 certified. If I (we) do not
achieve that, we should forget about the certification. But I'm
expecting Zope 3.3 to be fit for certification.

This week, I will create a proposal for the functionality we need to
include in Zope 3.3, make a task list (more or less for myself, but
publicly visible) what needs to be done on the documentation and will
familiarize myself with the current security policy and the one Jim
proposed to include to make a decision about which one should be

Depending on the amount of time left, I'll start working on the tasks on
the list for documentation.

I'll continue the work in January by completing the documentation and
starting to work on the functionality. After January there will be a
break where the evaluation body will check the documents. I'll be at
PyCon to spend 2 days of the sprint working on the functionality and
explaining certification issues to whoever is interested.

In late April/May I'll join the effort to make Zope 3.3 happen,
especially regarding the security functionality and to make it fit for
evaluation of the TUV.

I'm interested in any feedback you have.


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