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Sidnei da Silva wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 12, 2005 at 07:18:05AM -0500, Jim Fulton wrote:
> | We should proceed by getting Z2 and Z3 to use a common
> | publisher, presumingly based on the Z3 publisher.  This common
> | publisher should:
> | 
> | - Be well documented and tested.
> | 
> | - Use WSGI for HTTP
> | 
> | - Be backward compatible with Both Z2 and Z3
> | 
> | - Should be highly customizable through components.  This will
> |   hopefully allow z2-stype and z3-style publication to coexist in
> |   a single app server.
> | 
> | Again, I expect that the Z3 publisher will be the best starting point.
> | 
> | Note that the Z3 publication framework splits functionality
> | currently provided by the Z2 publisher into a publisher and a
> | publication object.  An initial step might be top come up with
> | a Z2 publication object that works with the Z3 publisher.
> You haven't said anything about the server. I assume this Z3/Z2
> publication object hybrid would run with with the Z3 server instead of
> the Z2 ZServer.

If WSGI lives up to its promise, then the WSGI-compliant Z2-Z3 hybrid
would be publishable as a "WSGI application" from any WSGI server,
including perhaps mod_python-based servers.

Ob. note:  the performance characteristics of such servers (including
twisted) are not well understood in the context of Zope, until some
brave soul actually rolls out a high-volume production site and reports
success or failure.

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